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Other pictures

This page contains pictures of our trips outside the Helsinki City Region and random shots of rare or extraordinary things and events. All of these pictures are naturally related to public transport, mostly buses.

Pictures from the side of the road
Random bus pictures.
Updated 12.8.2001

Pictures from a trip to Joensuu
Pictures from a trip to Joensuu organized by a Finnish bus history association in June 2000.
Updated 23.5.2001

Chassis pictures
Bus chassis without bodies.
Updated 23.5.2001

The line 00x
This line ran between the Central Railway Station and Itäkeskus on 14.7.2001 to supplement the 15 minute interval of metro trains caused by track works. Update 14.7.2001

Lowering a metro unit onto the tracks
Metro cars 213 and 214 arrived in Helsinki on 10.8. 2001
Updated 16.9.2001