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Bus terminology

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Termi Selitys
Fully low floor No steps at the front and middle doors. No steps inside the bus. Usually one, sometimes two or no steps at the back door.
Low entry No steps at the front and middle doors. A step or two inside the bus behind the middle door or just before the rear axle and a slope to the rear which is at normal height (2-3 steps).
Semi low floor One step at front and middle doors. A slope to the rear which is at normal height.
High floor Every door has 2 or more steps. Usually a flat floor all the way.
Bus An urban or regional (interurban) bus.
Coach An intercity or tourist bus
HKL (Helsingin Kapupungin Liikennelaitos) the Helsinki City Transit Company
YTV (Pääkaupunkiseudun yhteistyövaltuuskunta) the Cooperation body for the Helsinki City Region (see information ).
CNG (compressed natural gas) A mixture of gases (mostly methane). The cleanest fossile fuel.
LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Butane and propane compressed to liquid form, also known as bottled gas. A cleaner fuel than normal petroleum.
ZF?HP??? A button operated automatic transmission made by ZF. The first number indicates the amount of gears and the second refers to the power capacity of the transmission.