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News from 2001.

A link update

The link to a Danish bus society Busfronten has been updated, and a link to Stavanger Bus Page has been added to the Enthusiast link list.

  Niksu, 11.2.2001

Normal service restoring

The free dns service previously used by, our new home, ran into serious technical problems about a week ago. We have now rearranged our nameserving thanks to Tuukka Haapasalo, Jarno Kyttälä and Multimedia MMD Oy. Normal operation should be restored in a few days as different services update their dns records. We apologise for any inconvenience these problems may have caused.

  Late, 26.1.2001

The Bus Pages move

The Bus Pages have moved to and the English pages to Please update your links. The old URI will work for some time but will not be updated any more.

  Niksu, 13.1.2001