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1999 news arcihve

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News from 1999.

This and that

I changed a pile of transmissions and even a couple of chassis based on the pages by Tuomas Lehti and Juhana Nordlund. The text section is also coming along and should be available in January.



I added some pictures (K202 low entry, Alizée, Omnicity), changed others (K202, Omnicity) and removed a few (K202, Omnicity). All the pictures I have at the moment are now on these pages, but pictures will continue to be taken, as some buses have no picture at all and some pictures are rather poor. I also added a page for the Van Hool Alizée, although we don't have much information on it.


A picture of the Volvo 7000

I added a picture of the Volvo 7000 to the pages. It is also the first picture to be scanned at twice its real size. I also changed the names for the different picture sizes on the pictures-page. Medium-sized picutres are now small ones, big pictures are now medium-sized ones and the new Volvo-picture is the first new large picture.


New pictures

I added some pictures of the City U and City L bogie. I also lightened the pictures-page slightly by downgrading some over-sized thumbnails. Now would be a good idea to express your opinions about dividing the pictures-page by manufacturers.


Changes on the bus front

Concordia Bus, a Norwegian company, has bought Stagecoach's Nordic operations, Swebus and Stagoach Finland, from Stagecoach Holdings Plc. This makes Concordia Bus the largest operator in the Nordic countries with over four thousand buses. After the sale of these operations the Stagoach Group plans to expand rapidly in North America. Concordia intends to operate in all the Nordic countries as well as the Baltic countries and Germany.

In Finland Stagoach has been expandin rapidly. It has won a lot of tenders for new routes and will be taking over all Vantaa internal routes from the beginning of next year. Stagoach also recently won ten Helsinki internal routes, while HKL lost eight. These routes will be handed over next June.

This also means that Stagoach needs to expand its fleet. 39 Volvo-Ikarus buses, of which 14 are bogie versions, have been ordered for the Vantaa routes. New buses will probably be needed for the Helsinki routes as well. Hopefully they will also include buses built in Finland.

The Stagoach introduction will be updated shortly

  translation by Late

Two new pictures of the Säffle System 2000.


The Volvo 7000 has arrived (at least on Helsinki routes 84,85 and 86, as well as S-routes from Kasarmintori). I have written a review.


More new pictures (O 405 N CNG, a new O 405, a new N 202 and two new City L's). I sorted the pictures page by manufacturers and put the manufacturers in alphabetical order on both the pictures and buses pages. Individual models are still in a rather random order. I have attempted to choose the best picture available for bus introductions.

HKL should be receiving Volvo B7L / Volvo-Carrus 7000 buses this year. The specs should include a fully low floor and 7 litre engine. HKL has also placed its first new ADtranz Variotram Helsinki low floored trams into regular use. 20 trams should arrive by the end of 2000 and an order is to be placed for another 20. Go to the HKL home page to see a picture.


The first new pictures have arrived (Mercedes-Benz Citaro, Lahti 402, its bogie version and Carrus City). More pictures will arrive as I have time to edit the scanned tif-originals, that can be found here.

Some new gearboxes and other details have been added over the last few weeks. The text section is still in my plans, but it'll take quite some time to arrive.


I replaced the logos for these pages with the help of my little brother. I hope you like the new look.


In an attempt to clarify these pages and make updating them simpler, I decided to merge the pages for news and updates. This is the resulting page. Now you only have to check one page and I only have to update one page. I've also been thinking about a new section for these pages, which would contain text written by me, Nixu and anyone else who feels like contributing, but I'm not making any promises quite yet.


Finished translating everything. Both versions of these pages are now identical in content. I have several ideas for updates and expansions, but I want to get more pictures scanned first and even that will take at least three more weeks.


Added several minor updates and brought this translation up to speed with the Finnish version. Fnished translating the text down to the end of the Scania buses and created a new feedback form. We now have a pile of pictures waiting to be skanned, but I probably won't be able to get my hands on a scanner before mid-August. I'm on holiday 1.8-15.8, so don't expect any updates during that time.


All the english bus descriptions seem to have disappeared, so I'll have to translate theam again, which could take some time.


HKL has received new Carrus City U CNG buses, which have more larger gas tanks than the previous ones. There are also a few Mercedes-Benz Citaros and several Scania Omnicitys in regular use.