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2001 news archive

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News from 2001.

New pictures

I added some new pictures. The winners include Carrus City, Carrus City L, Ikarus E94, Lahti 400, Lahti 402, MB O405N, Scania MaxCi, Scania Omnicity and Van Hool Alizée. Enjoy.

  Late, 21.12.2001

Journey planner available

YTV, the regional cooperation body, has released its own free journey planner on the web which can be found at The planner creates routes between all the street addresses and 2000 other locations (sights, stations, area names) in the Helsinki city region. The planner is also available in Finnish and Swedish. By using the advanced search you can specify extra parameters like your walking speed, maximum exchange wait and optimization criteria (e.g. time, exchanges, least walking). Simplified route planners based on the same software are also available as SMS and WAP services from several Finnish mobile companies.

  Late, 15.11.2001

Lots of new buses coming

The newest issue of Auto, Tekniikka ja Kuljetus, a Finnish professional transport magazine, contains information about Scania buses arriving next year. These include 8 Scania L94UB4x2 / Ikarus E94:s and 6 Scania L94UB6x2 / Lahti Scalas for Connex. Connex is a major new customer for Lahden Autokori. HKL will be receiving 10 Scania L94UB4x2 / Lahti Scalas for the summer and Concordia will be receivig a total of 30 Scania L94UB4x2 / Ikarus E94:s. 15 will arrive for January, 11 for the summer and 4 for the autumn of 2002. The closing of the Carrus Vantaa plant would seem to have move several aquisitions to Scania, Ikarus and Lahden Autokori.

In newer news from the Finnish tramway association HKL will get 28 CNG Volvo / Säffle bogies and 4 CNG Volvo / Säffle solos for the summer. The exact model of these buses is currently unknown. Tammelundin Liikenne will also receive 2 additional CNG Citaros for next summer.

  Late, 15.11.2001

Tammelund receives new CNG buses

MB Citaro CNG, TLL 8 MB Citaro CNG, TLL 8 Tammelundin Liikenne has received two new CNG Citaros. The first one is Tammelund 6 (LJF-784) and is currently used on route 16. The second one is Tammelund 8 and is currently used on route 55A. Here are a few pictures of Tammelund 6. A complete page for this page will be created soon.

  Late, 15.11.2001

A few new translated pages

I translated the pages for the Aabenraa, Carrus City and Carrus City L. I also fixed the list by operator which had some broken links. I suspect that some of the cross-reference links between models are broken. This sould only affect links to bogie, CNG, LPG or ther special models. The links from the lists all work.

  Late, 10.11.2001

Slight improvements to the translation

I translated the link pages and the pages with other pictures. I also added the English feedback form and search-replaced some words on the bus model information pages so that the technical details should be readable. I'll refrain from making any promises about translating the information texts or model-specific picture pages.

  Late, 30.9.2001

Piles of things, but...

New buses, new pictures and lots of other things have been added since this page was last updated. Unfortunately most of the pages are temporarily in Finnish as I decided to do a complete retranslation in stead of trying to convert the old English pages to our new page model. The old English pages are still available here without the pictures.

  Late, 30.9.2001

A link update

The link to a Danish bus society Busfronten has been updated, and a link to Stavanger Bus Page has been added to the Enthusiast link list.

  Niksu, 11.2.2001

Normal service restoring

The free dns service previously used by, our new home, ran into serious technical problems about a week ago. We have now rearranged our nameserving thanks to Tuukka Haapasalo, Jarno Kyttälä and Multimedia MMD Oy. Normal operation should be restored in a few days as different services update their dns records. We apologise for any inconvenience these problems may have caused.

  Late, 26.1.2001

The Bus Pages move

The Bus Pages have moved to and the English pages to Please update your links. The old URI will work for some time but will not be updated any more.

  Niksu, 13.1.2001